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ulock technical specifications

We have a simple but straight line of thought regarding the design of ULOCK: to be sure to keep your precious bike safe at all times, we only choose first-class materials and the safest technologies.

ULOCK it's made of galvanized C40 steel, heat-treated to resist cuts, drills, the strongest hits and also the sneaky attack of rust, completely covered in a protective silicon platinic rubber to protect your bike from scratches.

ULOCK features a high security sphere locking mechanism activated through a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy encrypted connection, powered by a special battery granted for 25.000 lock/unlock movements and an average lifetime of 5 years.


locks/unlocks guaranteed


meters operational range


electronic components


mechanical components


The design process followed in the development of ULOCK makes it the heart of an experiential ecosystem. What does it mean?

In the vision of the Internet of Things, ULOCK is able to outline new experiences of use connecting the user to the physical smart object thanks to a moltitude of touch points. The more touch points we include in the ecosystem, the more we will extend the user's experience.

On top of this concept, ULOCK has been designed to pair with its mobile app in an evolutionary perspective, to guarantee the costumers a continuous extension of the ULOCK experience.

Quality control